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    Kurumadani in Soraku Dsitrickt of Kyoto-fu!


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    Situated along the Mikuni-goe Rindo Road, surrounded by the best tea plantations of Japan is the Kurumadani temple in the Soraku District of Kyoto-fu!
    When you reach the Minami-Yamashiro City hall you have to turn left and head into Mount Kunimi. After you pass this mount its still a way up and you reach the tiny village of Kurumadani. It’s easy to see why its called the tea region of Japan, there are tea plantations everywhere you look. The temple itself is in a small valley and after crossing a small red bridge, a small road leads up to the temple. On the path where already some fallen brown leaves and there was even a small maple tree that had red leaves. Autumn is on its way!
    The temple itself is small, although a few things stand out. A life size horse in front of the belfry and a tiny path that leads to a small Shinto shrine. The path is lined with red vermillion torii. Further up is an open hall with perhaps more than 200 small lanterns hanging from its roof. Further to the right is a huge Eagle statue over looking the mountain.
    When you are on top of the mountain you have a splendid view of distant mountain peaks. The air is so fresh, there are birds chirping and if you like the country side, this is definitely a place to go and explore.