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    Willie Whopper Stratos-Fear (1933) Ub Iwerks MGM


    by Allan

    One thing I can say about these "Willie Whopper" cartoons: they are never boring. They are as wild as Willie's imagination, filled with tons of sight gags, so many that there usually isn't much a story, just continuing craziness.

    This episode is a prime example of that and is the only I've seen so far that might have been a dream instead of Willie telling another "whopper." Whatever, it's pretty insane as our boy winds up on some goofy planet. He got there after the helium gas his dentist gave him blew him up the size of an hot-air balloon and he floated up and out of the dentist's office right through the roof of the building! That kind of gives you idea of how loony this story is going to be, and it really gets nuts as Willie winds up on a planet with bizarre characters.

    Suffice to say if you seeing one nutty cartoon-like visual joke after another for seven or eight minutes, you'll enjoy this.