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    Comicolor Simple Simon (1935) Ub Iwerks


    by andythebeagle

    With special appearances by fairy tale's biggest names!,

    As in the nursery rhyme, Simple Simon meets a pieman on his way to the fair and samples his wares. However, when he makes no purchase, the pieman becomes angry, follows Simon to the fair, and makes his stay there miserable.

    One of many of Iwerks fairy tale cartoons in which varying portions of the original tale are used. Of the 6 stanza's of Simple Simon, only the 1st two are used for this 1935 film, and they are sung as well as shown. There is a line, "went a-fishing for to catch a whale" but in the movie Simon instead goes a fishing with a duck as bait, and the catch is a home baked pie. And he really isn't as simple as his name would suggest. Overall the story is OK, but you may not agree with how the pieman is treated at the end. What makes this cartoon unique is the parade of all star fairy tale characters early in the story. They include Little Bo Peep, Jack & Jill(these 3 seem to be a little unrepresented in the golden age of animation),Little Boy Blue, Humpty Dumpty(who has a solo in the song they sing), and Andersen's Steadfast Tin Soldier and Ballerina. These last 4 characters also starred in films by Iwerks as well.