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Comicolor Happy Days (1936) Ub Iwerks

5 years ago58 views

Ub Iwerks closed his studio with a bang!

A group of boys plan to go fishing. They don't want Pinhead to come along, but he's the only one able to find any worms for bait. On the way to the fishing hole, the other boys bully Pinhead into chipping in to buy a used car. When Pinhead fills the car's tires with helium, it begins floating. The boys finally land in the fishing hole, where Pinhead catches a fish.

The hero of this story is "Pinhead," a term I never hear outside of "The O'Reilly Factor," where the host calls dopey people "pinheads." Here, the neighborhood kids call the wimpy, little one "Pinhead." He's obviously the outcast of the group.

The gang wants to go fishing but don't want him around. However, they can't find any worms but Pinhead finds them (at the golf course, in a strange scene.) What happens with the fishing is pretty good; not laugh-out-loud stuff but mildly entertaining and better and better as the cartoon goes on. Without spoiling anything, let's just say Pinhead has some wild adventures.

At least one source lists this short as the last release from Iwerks studio. If that's so, then their swan song was a most impressive finale. The sad thing is, this cartoon is better than the overwhelming majority of the shorts that preceded it, but likely got booked in far fewer theaters, because by that time there was no major studio distribution contract. A beautiful cartoon that's inventive, entertaining and has a cast of characters capable of engaging audiences and sustaining at least a short series, particularly a little wisecracking twerp who has more life and wit in an eyebrow than Flip the Frog and Willie Whopper combined ever did or probably could have. A good script helps out here too. What could have been. Ah, well-that's life. Perhaps it's just as well, as Ub Iwerks eventually wound up back with Disney, where he could work on the technical aspects of animation, virtually to his heart's content. Excellent cartoon, very much worth seeing. Highly recommended.