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    Comicolor Don Quixote (1934) Ub Iwerks


    by andythebeagle

    This Is 'Don Quixote' As You've Never Seen Him!

    An institutionalized man reads classic literature in his padded cell. He believes that he is a knight like in the books he reads and attacks a guard checking in on him. After escaping from the asylum, he happens upon a horse and makeshift suit of armor. With the police on his tail, he travels on until he encounters and fights a windmill that he believes to be a giant. Once the windmill is defeated, he moves on to the house of an opera singer whom he mistakes for a screaming damsel in distress. But before he can save the woman, he must battle a backhoe that he believes to be a dragon. When he finally reaches his damsel, he discovers that she is an ugly woman and both he and the guard pursuing him run back to the institution and lock themselves in the cell.

    A comically ridiculously altered version of the classic tale, in which Don Quixote is victorious over his imaginary enemies and emits Tarzan-like yells of triumph.

    "Don Quixote" is one of those Celebrity Productions Comicolor cartoons, which must have been a big deal back in the 1930s (seeing bold colors on screen). seen! They liked to take a famous novel and make a wild-and-crazy cartoon out of it. Usually, the results were entertaining....even today these sight gags hold up to be pretty inventive.

    I mean, where else but a cartoon - even one 75 years old - are going to see a windmill come to life and give a man a spanking? That kind of outrageous scene fills this eight-plus minutes of mayhem and silly humor. A lot of crazy sights are objects turning into something else here: a dragon becoming a huge earth-moving tractor, is another example.

    This story has NO resemblance to famous Don Quixote story. You kind of know that when Quixote swings on vines and gives out Tarzan yells after escaping from a mental institution. It's pure lunacy.....but that makes it fun.

    The ending to this story is very original, and sexist in a way. Both the hero and villain meet up at the same time to rescue the "girl" but she turns out to be some ugly older woman. She gets around. She was seen in a couple other Iwerks 'toons like Flip the Frog "The Music Lesson (1932)" and " School Days (1932)" The two guys then high-tail it out of the castle and run back to "Ye Olde Bughouse" and lock themselves back in the padded room!