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    Old School Kranzo by Nathan Kranzo (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Here it is A FULL Kranzo lecture filmed from START to finish. This is all OLD SCHOOL Kranzo. In 2001 Nathan Kranzo lectured for a sold old lecture in Dallas TX. This is the only proof. The original lost VHS was discovered and converted. IT IS NOW available on DVD for the first time in over A DECADE. There are tons of classic KRANZO effects jammed onto this DVD.
    Lollipop Production - A GIANT lollipop appears in your mouth
    Spirit Eating - You eat a candy bar by looking at it
    Low Tide Coin Routine - A great three coin routine using NO GAFFS
    Cashing A Check - This one has it all. You tear a corner off your check and it changes into a quarter in a flash of fire. Then the check morphs into real cash
    Moving Tanline - This is one of Kranzos signature pieces performed on TV by Penn and Teller Marco Tempest Chris Korn Dynamo and the list goes on.
    Hotsauce Production - In a flash of fire a packet of hotsauce is produced. When you open it up it starts to smoke
    The Evil Power Of Mine - A fantastic IMPOSSIBLE location effect created by Tony Miller
    Twin Peeks - Two cards are peeked at by two different people. In an INSTANT the deck vanishes leaving you with only the selected card
    Fresh Breath - A roll of breath mints turns into a can of breath spray Then you blow in your fist to produce an ice cube
    Coins Thru Silk - A coin visually penetrates a silk several times with some of the most magical sequences imaginable. AND YOU END CLEAN.
    Running Time Approximately 1hr 36min