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    Nut Waltz (with Gimmicks) by Mariano Goni - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    A truly magical routine...
    Originally created by Marc Jacobs and one of the favourites of Vernon the walnuts and glass trick remained in the shadows until some years ago when Brian ONeill rediscovered it and the necessary materials were available to perform it.
    Mariano Goni has rebuilt the routine making it a true mystery by changing the cover concept and improving the gimmicks.
    The DVD explains in full detail both the sitting down and stand-up versions and also gives a simple routine and shows different ways to make the vanishes.
    Final loads are also covered if you need a strong finish.
    With the materials provided no matter your skill level you can perform a miracle
    Every gimmick is hand-made by its author ensuring the quality.
    One of the best routines since Melting Point
    Comes complete with
    Gimmick Glass
    Normal Matching Glass
    Special Magnets
    Gimmicked Walnut
    DVD (approx running time 45 min NTSC)