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    Duvivier Coin Box (Half Dollar) by Dominique Duvivier - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Four words characterize this product Okito Boston Bloc Duvivier.
    Okito The Okito Box is one of the great classics of magic coins. With the Duvivier Coin Box you can perform all routine and passes of the Okito Box Travel and transpositions of parts crossing the box or hand processing of parts etc..
    Boston The Boston Box is the box rigged complementary to the Okito Box. It can perform the same types of effects with the basic box but with a little extra that makes your performance even clearer and more inexplicable.
    Block is the icing on the cake of box routine parts. The block can finish the routine on a breathtaking climax the box becomes a solid block which shows the impossibility of what the public comes to see
    Duvivier In principle the combination of these three boxes is restricted to parts specialists because it is particularly run multiple exchange box. The Duvivier Coin Box is a revolution in the magic of the parts because it allows you to merge the three principles into one. Yes you read that right THREE BOXES Okito Boston Bloc. No exchange box. Everything is given for examination before during and after
    Explanations are provided on a DVD full of details. Several routines are explained some quite accessible to any beginner others require a little practice but without any undue difficulty.
    Direct Effect Block
    Parts through the box
    Routine Full Effect
    Crossing the Main (Boston)
    Travel in the setting of Parts
    Extract from the demonstration on the video catalog Videorama 3 (1992)
    Excerpt from the DVD From Old To New 3 Volume 3 (Demonstration and explanation of the routine 2006)
    Pages scanned from the booklet explaining the original routine (1992)Includes the basic box the gimmicks and special pieces required for the smooth running of the routine a nice little bag and the DVD explanation.
    You will need to supply the ordinary half-dollars