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    [TSF] Calling operations on the Tunisia-Libya border - 2011

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    Between February 23rd and May 13th, Télécoms Sans Frontières was deployed to the border between Tunisia and Libya in the transit camp of Chucha, where thousands of refugees fleeing the conflict in Libya have taken refuge. TSF conducted humanitarian calling operations at the entrance to the transit camp over 80 days. Victims of emergencies need quick and reliable telecommunications services to reconnect with separated family members and arrange for support. Re-establishing communication links is vital. On May 15th, more than 30,500 families sheltered in the Chucha camp could reach their relatives in 115 different destinations worldwide. This action represents 84,000 minutes and 40,000 free satellite connections provided to populations of 40 different nationalities. Those priority calls enable them to reassure their loved ones who have been left without any news, and above all to receive personalised assistance. Beyond the psychological support provided, TSF's role was also to find concrete solutions for displaced families.