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    Rapier Multimedia Network 2013 ident

    chris heap

    by chris heap

    Here is another new official ident for the Rapier Multimedia Network.

    This will come into use at the turn of 2013.

    If you're curious of the video screenshots that appear in the film reel, here's the list from left to right:

    A Non-Ripping Hulkout 19 (No longer available)
    Bruce Forsyth's Play Your Cards Right 2002 - Nightmare endgame
    The Two Ronnies - Nothing Is Too Much Trouble
    Rapier Game-Fi: Boot screen
    Simon Bates goes crazy
    Level Infinitum logo (Video Games production)
    Maths Bandit (one-off) Part 1
    ITV national weather opening idents mid 90's
    BBFC R18 warning (HD)
    Turnabout 1996 - full episode part 1
    Harpo Productions logo with effects
    pyramid game UK - you turn me on