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    Dino Morea promotes Safe Driving For Prevention Of Accidents at Big FM Part 3


    by newsbeats

    Actor Dino Morea promotes Safe Driving for Road Safety and Prevention of Accident at 92.7 Big FM. Dino Morea A Pledge For Road Safety and Prevention Of Accidents. Model-actor Dino Morea was at the 92.7 BIG FM Studios, as he launched the Total Quartz Safety Month. This campaign will try and promote safe driving habits amongst the public. Dino Morea said at the event: When I was in school, college, I used to ride a bike and performed a lot of stunts and all! I had an accident also!I realised that it is easy to perform stunts but you should be safe -- wear a helmet, wear all your pads, and do all these things at a place where there is no threat to someone else life.