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    Kelly Ripa tells the truth about pit bulls - Pit Bull Holocaust


    by planetlotb

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    Wow, more ignorance. I am a professional white woman in a high paid job, far from a "gangster", and I own a pitbull. You can stereotype all you want, but it just makes you look like an ignorant fool. Pitbulls are the most loyal, dedicated dogs. The reason they do what you see in the media hysteria is because their OWNERS take advantage of that undying loyalty and train them to do bad things. The dog will do it, because it LIVES to please it's human. NOT because the BREED does those bad things. Any human that is a responsible, animal loving person that has a Pitbull knows they are the silliest, most loving dogs. In fact, back in the day, they were called "nanny dogs" because they protected the children while parents worked the land. Educate yourself before you open your mouth and look like a fool.
    By dm_5093bf75253e03 years ago
    PITBULLS are NOT just owned by gangsters!! I own 2 pitbulls and I am not a gangster (nothing against either pits or gangsters) but anyways pitbulls are the awesomest dogs if they are trained right You just gotta know how to treat and train them!!!
    By dm_5093135788eef3 years ago