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Obama Campaign Website Openly Accepting Illegal Foreign Online Campaign Donations

5 years ago22 views

Obama's career was kept alive in the Illinois state Senate with money from agents of Saddam's intellegence service. Without foreign money and ACORN no one would have ever heard of this Obama.

Along with tony Rezko agents linked to Saddams intellegence service Nadhmi Auchi (and wife) and Aiham Alsammarae donated thousands of dollars to Obama's Illinois State Senate Campaign otherwise he may never have defeated Alan Keys.

After Tony Rezko was arrested both of these men were able to fly into the country even though they had warrants on them by Interpol to bail him out of jail. Al sammarae had actually walked out of the green zone in Iraq and flew to Jordan, then flew to Chicago to and put up properties to bail Rezko out of jail. By this time Obama was a US Senator and he probably used his office to get these guys past customs to Chicago.

Even if you're flying in to the US by private jet you have to arrange to have customs agents waving the wand when you get off the plane.

Auchi owned a bank that had managed the escrow accounts for Saddams oil for food money and some of the money made it to Rezko and Obama. It's way cheaper and more effective for the enemies of this country to fund American politicians symathetic to their cause then to fight wars and export terrorism. Like the Red Chinese donating money to the Clinton administration in exchange for economic concessions sending jobs overseas, they have gotten everything they want without firing a shot.

That is the real reason Apple put Al Gore on the board of directors because of his relationship with the People's Liberation Army. As everybody knows Apple now has iPod factories in China the size of cities manned with slave labor and workers protest conditions with mass suicides.