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5 Most Haunted Places on Earth

5 years ago10.7K views


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Check the world's 5 most haunted places.

Here are the 5 most haunted places on earth:

Number 5 - Tower of London. Founded in 1066, it was a site where thousands of people were imprisoned, brutally tortured, and executed. Among those executed was Queen Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII. According to, out of all the ghosts seen across England, hers is one of the most frequently spotted. She was executed in 1536 on multiple charges which included witchcraft, treason, and adultery.

Number 4 - Catacombs in Paris. This underground crypt is located nearly 60 feet below the city of Paris. Due to lack of space in the city, from 18th to mid-19th century, nearly 6 million remains were exhumed from above ground cemeteries and brought to the catacombs. According to MSN, there are stories of visitors being "touched by invisible hands". Also, visitors have claimed experiencing the sensation of being followed by someone.

Number 3 - St. Louis cemetery number 1 in New Orleans. According to CNN, visitors have reported sightings of civil war ghosts and phantom figures in the cemetery. It is said that of all the ghosts seen here, the one of Marie Laveau, a renowned voodoo practitioner back in the 19th century is the most sighted.

Number 2 - The Eltz Castle in Germany. This majestic stronghold was built in the 12th century and was never captured by invading armies.The castle still remains in the ownership of the family that has possessed it for 33 generations. According to legends, the castle grounds are still haunted by medieval knights.

Number 1 - Ohio Penitentiary. The former prison was notorious for deaths related to riots and diseases. During the fire of 1930s, the prison staff refused to let the inmates out, killing nearly 320 of them. It is said that spirits of those who died haunt the prison. There have been reports of strange noises and cell doors slamming by themselves.