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    Mom Charged With Gluing Child's Hands to Wall and Beating Her

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Don't lock this cunt up, send her my way! I'd fucking torture her for a looooooooong time, she'd be pleading for death way before I'd be done with her. Fucking cunt, Ugh these bitches make me so fucking angry how the fuck do you hurt your own child like that, stupid fucking cunt ass whore, not even worthy to suck a dogs dick.
    By dm_50b5a9397011e3 years ago
    Looks the kind of scum whom would do such a thing! What a hideous act for anyone to place on a young child. Please... put her away. This unswallowed cum shot should not be out in public where she can cause more harm.
    By creeperdamien3 years ago