Beldar And Prymaat With Nan Schaefer - Conehead Love (music video)


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Tribute Video by Me (the999th)
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verse 1:
Prymaat, you are my conehead mate
But Beldar we share this human state
well beyond our own dimension
not our designed intention
Prymaat, your cone is shimmering in the light
Beldar, I'll fly the censor rings tonight

Don't want to hone my cone alone
(You don't have to hone your cone alone)
Could never hone my cone alone
(You'll never have to hone your cone alone)

The censor rings performing
Oh the nature of things evolving
The moons of Nipsar are glistening
The planets of love are listening

verse 2:
I'll never understand this planet
The way these humans love to ram it
I much prefer the censor rings
and all the timeless joy they bring
My conehead love is interstellar
Oppenheimer, Edward Teller
Our home on Remulack is distant
my cone and all have low resistance
(Repeat Bridge+Chorus)

My cone is something serious
transform you to delirious
your censor rings release all tension
Transcending space and time dimension
Eisenhower, Nixon, Truman
None of them were really human

( Repeat bridge then chorus 2x)


Beldar I summon you
Prymaat my chosen genetal mate
Let us hone cones in our own home
our homes, our zone, for each... other


WHO's Nan Schaefer ???

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