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    David Blaine Finishes 72-Hour Electric Endurance Event


    by NTDTelevision

    David Blaine was helped out of a Tesla coil, after spending 72 hours as the center of one.

    David Blaine completed a 72 hour endurance performance on Monday (October 8), certainly his most electrifying event yet.

    For three days, the famed illusionist was the center of a one million-volt Tesla coil at the Hudson River Park in New York City.

    Dressed in a 20-pound chain-mail suit and surrounded by an electrical storm, Blaine was unable to eat or sleep for the duration of the event.

    He also wore noise-cancelling earphones, allowing Blaine to speak with fans throughout the event.

    After being helped down, the entertainer was helped into an ambulance to check his health. After saying some thank yous to the crowd, he said he knows what he wants to do next.

    [David Blaine, Illusionist]:
    "I feel like taking a nice long nap, after my shower."

    A natural reaction after what he says will be his last endurance stunt.

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