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    Turkey-Syria Border Tension Continues


    by NTDTelevision

    Tension remains high between Turkey and Syria as cross-border shelling continues.

    The Turkish-Syrian border remains calm on Tuesday morning.

    But Turkey's military have maintained a high security presence, following several Syrian mortar strikes over the past week.
    In this normally busy border town streets are deserted and shops closed.

    On Wednesday a mortar fired from Syria struck a house and killed 5 people.

    [Unnamed Resident, Border Town of Akcakale]:
    "We want this to end as soon as possible. Hundreds of people usually sit here every day, but as you can see now there is no one, no shops are open, people just stay in their homes."

    In response, Turkey has bombed Syrian military targets, killing several Syrian soldiers.

    Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey does not want war, but warned Syria not to test its resolve.

    The Syrian regime is battling rebels who control land close to the Turkish border, and several mortar strikes have crossed into Turkey.

    The continued exchanges are the most serious cross-border violence since the revolt against President Assad began in March last year.

    Turkey was once an ally of Assad's, but turned against him after his violent response to the uprising.

    Since them Turkey has led calls for Assad to quit, and has granted sanctuary to rebel leaders.

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