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    Gray Wolf- Columbus Day Part 1 of 2


    by peoplesvoices

    Part 1 of Part 2- Great Native American historical discussion by Gray Wolf of Gray Wolf's Blues Band on Columbus day. Listen to Gray Wolf's teachings and live discussion with listeners.

    The music in the video is owned by Gray Wolf Blues Band all rights reserved to Gray Wolf's Blues Band exclusively via people voices blogtalk radio affiliated with Pagan Media that Bites. Com including affiliate sites.

    Music Credits:

    Dancing In the Rain - Gray Wolf Blues Band- Won Native American Music Award.
    Stormy Monday's- Gray Wolf Blues Band
    Gravity- Original Artist John Mayor- Rendition Gray Wolf Blues Band with permission from John Mayor. All rights reserved.

    Interesting Fact: When John Mayor heard Graywolf's Blues Band rendition, he called them and told them he liked their rendition because they sang the song harder then he did. At that point and time John Mayor gave the band permission to include his song in their rendition on their album " Dancing in the Rain".

    Original peoplesvoices blogtalk radio broadcast can be found at this link

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