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    King of the Rocket Men Part1 Dr. Vulcan - Traitor


    by Mister_Curious

    One by one the members of the private research firm Science Associates are being wiped out by an unknown assailant who calls himself "Dr. Vulcan!" In desperation, the Associates appoint Jeff King (Tristram Coffin)--their resident rocket propulsion expert--to investigate the killings and protect the group's technological secrets. Fortunately, King is mentally and physically up to the challenge of defeating Dr. Vulcan, especially when he dons the rocket-powered suit he co-invented which gives him the power of flight! Don't miss KING OF THE ROCKET MEN! You will believe a man can fly without setting his butt on fire!
    Well, you will believe a man can fly, anyway.
    Okay,okay--Just suspend your disbelief and watch the high-tech, high-action thriller KING OF THE ROCKET MEN! (1949 - Republic Pictures)