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    How to Make a Ring Using Lillypilly Aluminum Blanks

    Beadaholique Dot Com

    by Beadaholique Dot Com

    322 views - Make a fun and easy ring using Lillypilly Aluminum blanks and a glue on ring finding. With so many different designs available for LillyPilly, you can make tons of these fun rings for yourself or as a gift.

    Designer: Julie Bean

    Decadent Swirls Ring - Green
    Project R622

    Decadent Swirls Ring - Turquoise
    Project R623

    You can find the supplies in this video at

    Lillypilly Designs » Anodized Aluminum

    Lillypilly Aluminum Circle Stamping Black W/ Batik Pattern 25mm
    SKU: LIL-0226

    Lillypilly Aluminum Circle Stamping Capri Blue W/ Ornamental Pattern 25mm
    SKU: LIL-0369

    Lillypilly Aluminum Circle Stamping Lime Green W/ Batik Pattern 25mm
    SKU: LIL-0229

    Lillypilly Aluminum Circle Stamping Black W/ Mid. Eastern Pattern 25mm
    SKU: LIL-0334

    Black Color Coated Brass Glue On Adjustable Ring
    SKU: FRG-0734

    Domed Wooden Dapping Shaping Forms in Assorted Sizes for Metal
    SKU: XTL-0259

    Eurotool Metalwork Deluxe 7 Hole Wood Block With Steel Block
    SKU: XTL-0270

    Eurotool Hammer Rubber Mallet For Metal Smithing - 8 Ounces
    SKU: XTL-0247


    E6000 Industrial Strength Glue Adhesive
    SKU: XTL-1051

    Shine Rite Jewelry Polishing Pads 2 x 2 Inches
    SKU: XTL-8011