Jay-Z - Lost One

Jee Sam

par Jee Sam

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4 commentaires

superbe musique magnifique!
Par manuela maye il y a 4 ans
d habitude jaim pa le rap kainry mai il m arrive de faire des exeption c une tueri surtou l instru elle me ren ouf
Par Papiss du Clos il y a 5 ans
Ankh... I need some Guiness to go with My Marlboro Menthols, the lights of course. Tell Francais Ford Coppola, We Like Gucci before Tom Ford and We Import our cars and broads. People trying to my nieces, nephews, sistas,brothas,daddy's,mamma's,cousins,aunts,uncles,godparents. Get the fuck out of here. I got Daughters,Sisters,GOD,Mothers,Blood and One GOD. Im Duke The God, Not Phonetically Speaking, Yall Jesse Jackson, Rainbow Coalition, Barrack Recognition or Submission is not enough, Balls Chopped, Well let his head drop. Back to me Being Duke The God, Like Carolina, NO Rams Like UNC, Coached by the Ski god, thats Mikey from the top, the block, Hail Mary, no rap, Rosary beads, straight Rose Gold, He said overload when I showed him the Grill, I said Lord Knows. Not the Show, Real Life Like Kids being killed by the Nazis, Im Cocky, Cause Mother falling Like Janice down the steps and The Dickin the Son for fun, So time to get like Michael Edward Scissorhands Jackson, and Smooth....
Par Rich Mundo il y a 5 ans
super musique que de bon moment avec !!!!
Par 93unik il y a 6 ans