MineCraft Home Update #21 [Modular Enchanting + SAVE! + Bonus]


by HoboinArmy

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[Diamond Game]:
As I do with every save file, I have hidden all the diamonds in the world. This time around there is significantly more that I acquired while looking for lapis and brown dye for the wool farm. Don't spoil it if you find it in the comments! If you cannot find it I always post a video with the location a week or so from now.
- It is in the house.
- "That wasn't there before..."
Have Fun!

- Wool Farm (All colors, located in the underground zoo by the sheep pen.)
- Skeleton XP Farm
- Zombie XP Farm (Bonus)
- Modular Enchanting Room

Get the Save File here!
ZIP #1 (2Shared): http://adf.ly/726741/hu21host1
ZIP #2 (MediaFire): http://adf.ly/726741/hu21host2

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Next Upload will be included with Home Update #24!