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    From Belgium to Storify: Xavier Damman on creating a startup in Silicon Valley

    Ramon Suarez

    par Ramon Suarez

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    Xavier Damman is the founder of Storify, a tool to easily curate and publish stories based on social media.

    Xavier was one of the promoters of the first Belgian Webmission to San Francisco ever, and after it he decided to go back and stay to develop his company (PubliTweet at the time). He has managed to create a tool used by the main news outlets of the world, with a globally known brand. It took him a couple years, but he managed to find and American cofounder and together they raised two million dollars to make the company grow.

    As one of the early promoters of the pay it forward philosophy in Belgium, he’s walking the walk and has offered to meet some entrepreneurs and also volunteered to give a presentation.

    After running out of tickets in just a few hours, we thought there may be some interest to watch one of the Betagroup Coworking members talk, so we set up a livestream for those that could not come.

    Check the Storify with the highlights of Xavier's presentation here:

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