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    Teen Has Stomach Removed After Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail

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    After having a liquid nitrogen drink, a girl needed to get her stomach removed.

    A teenage girl in Lancaster, United Kingdom suffered a horrific medical consequence after ingesting a liquid nitrogen cocktail. Gaby Scanlon had been celebrating her 18th birthday when she stopped at a local wine bar for a drink. Shortly after drinking a liquid nitrogen laced beverage, she began experiencing bad pains and she was taken to Lancaster Royal Infirmary. It was discovered that Scanlon had a perforated stomach and required emergency surgery to remove it. A police official states “the premises involved have fully cooperated with all agencies and have suspended the serving of drinks involving liquid nitrogen”. Scanlon survived the ordeal and was said to be in stable condition.

    Liquid nitrogen cocktails have gained popularity among upscale bars. Once liquid nitrogen is added to alcohol, the drink is surrounded by a fog or vapor.
    According to BBC, if the frozen vapor is ingested, it can cause cold burns to the mouth, throat and stomach.