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    Teacher Accuses Student of Adding Butt Enhancer to Coffee

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A teacher has accused a student of adding butt-enhancing medicine to coffee.

    Most of us have encountered at least one teacher or professor that we didn’t really like.

    But some students take their dislike for school officials perhaps a little too far. A high school teacher in North Carolina is accusing a student of putting a butt enhancer into her coffee. 61-year-old, Ellen Vick is a Career and Technical Education Family & Consumer teacher at Independence High School and she contacted police, telling them that a student poured something into her coffee. Law enforcement officials claimed that the poured substance turned out to be ‘GluteBoost’. The product website states “Gluteboost" is an All Natural Butt Enhancement Pill, formulated to naturally enhance your buttocks while shredding fat from unwanted areas.”Police are still investigating the incident.

    Last year, a similar report surfaced. Two teenagers landed into some trouble after allegedly crushing half of a Viagra pill and putting it into their teacher’s drink. The two students tainted the drink in front of a classroom full of other students, who warned their teacher not to drink anymore.