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    Pure 19 Ep111_122006_Esub_2 of 2

    Constable Odo

    by Constable Odo

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    cool thanx a lot for putting these up everyday !
    By Hanan9 years ago
    Constable Odo
    Maybe it's your browser. Empty the cache and restart it. I go through the videos after I post them and didn't see this problem you mentioned. I just looked at it this episode and didn't encounter any problem. It played straight through from beginning to end. I tested it using IE7 in WinXP and Safari 2.0 in OSX. Thanks for watching and letting me know. The next episode is definitely worth waiting for.
    By Constable Odo9 years ago
    Something went wrong with the second part of this epi. The firs part started playing again......and it keeps jumping back to the begining. I'm still thankful for the daily uploads...can't wait till tomorrow.
    By kaniaulono9 years ago