How To Replace a Kerosene Heater Wick Tutorial

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A fairly detailed video on how to change the wick on a standard convection kerosene heater. I hope you enjoy!

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The URL didn't play it ~ try this vid ,,,
By romanticelationvA 5 hours ago
Help! I had to use my fire extinguisher on my heater like yours...did I totally ruin it? Your video was extremely helpful but the shutoff didn't work so I must have installed the wick too high. Don't have a garage and it's freezing in Ohio but I see now should have never done this indoors. Many lessons learned. It was smoking so much I just had to extinguish. Is it toast or can I light this wick again (the right way)? I just couldn't tell what line I was supposed to go by even with the package directions.
By Rebecca Bowles January