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    Classic Game Room - SOUL REAVER review for Playstation 1


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room reviews SOUL REAVER for the original PLAYSTATION 1 video game console! This Soul Reaver review was recorded in the year 2000 and features the original CGR team of Mark and Dave. Soul Reaver is an amazing video game on the PS1 and the Sega Dreamcast. It should see a remake soon for the PS3 or Xbox 360 video game systems if the stars align and become awesome video game designers and remake Soul Reaver in HD for a next gen game console. You play as Kain and romp through a mysterious world of living and dead with your SOUL REAVER to reave some bitch-ass souls. Controls and graphics and gameplay are excellent, sound is top notch and this is a highly underrated video game when you really get down to it. How does trash like Tomb Raider continue to get remade and SOUL REAVER does not? It plays like an action adventure RPG game in this gothic realm where you can shift realms and cool stuff like that. Soul Reaver is hype! Check out the gameplay and footage in the review and you'll want to reave some souls like it was 442ad! Classic Game Room serves up the dopest video game reviews this side of Alpha Centauri!