L'Italiana in Algeri Gioachino Rossini ,duet '' Che muso''


door Jonathan

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De Italiaanse meisje in Algiers . Duet : sopraan and basso ,'' Che muso'' , !. That face, that fugura !.
Isabella and Mustafa - Comic Opera in two acts. More information about L'Italiana in Algeri :

2 commentaar

I donot upload comple opera, promotional HD and chosen for promotional purposes , i mean that for the latter.
Door Jonathan 3 jaren geleden
Thank you Jonathan,your asset was a cultural acquisition for our group, I confirmed that some part of the yours,I am also the moderator , I'd like to confirm all but we prefer some of the featured ones rather an entire opera.
Door Nicholas Antony Paraskevas 3 jaren geleden