Anytime Anyplace Anybook (AAA) Book Test by Justin S. Meitz - Magic Trick

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From the creator of DEEP comes The AAA Book Test. The book test has been around for years but now there is finally a book test that can be done with modern and popular books your friends already have.
What does AAA stand for
Any Time
This wonderful magic trick can be performed at any time - 24/7.
Any Place
You can perform this trick wherever there are books.
Any Book
This is the most important A in the triple A book test. When we say any book we mean any book. Yes thats right ANY BOOK. Other book tests require a special book this one does not.
The book test will have your family and friends in utter shock and disbelief. It is the one magic trick you cant leave home without but you can since everyone has books
What You Get
DVD notebook and personal cheat sheets that Justin amp Trynt use in their show
A note from Justin
I wanted to personally thank you for purchasing this DVD. AAA is one trick that has been in my shows for years and will stay there for as long as I perform. Its easy and its fun If you know anything about me I always say Rule 1 - Have FUN Practice it make it your own and show the world what your made out of