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    5 Bizarre Burial Rituals

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    Check out 5 of the strangest burial rituals around the world.

    Here are the world's 5 most bizarre burial rituals.

    Number 5 - is the space burial. The cremated remains of the deceased are sent to space in small proportions ranging from 1 to 7 grams. There are a variety of options to choose from - the ashes can either be launched into Earth's orbit where it can remain from 10 to 240 years or for about $12,000, 1 gram of ashes can be sent to the moon or deep space.

    Number 4 - the sky burial. The burial is performed in some parts of Tibet. Three days following the death, the corpse is taken to a sacred burial ground which is often located at high altitudes away from the residential areas. The body is then cut into pieces and the body is allowed to be eaten by the vultures.

    Number 3 - the hanging coffins. The ancient Bo civilization of Southern China practiced the ritual of hanging coffins containing dead bodies from cliffs. Some of these coffins date back to 476 BC. Some were hung as high as 400 feet above the ground. Allegedly, the placement reflected a hierarchy - coffins placed higher indicated the social status of the deceased.

    Number 2 - Endocannibalism. Yes, you heard it right. Endocannibalism is a ritual in which the flesh of the deceased is consumed by the family and friends. It is a form of showing respect or hoping to gain wisdom from the dead. The ritual is practiced by some tribes in Papua New Guinea and Africa.

    Number 1 - is the Cryonics, a procedure which involves freezing the dead body in the hope of reviving them later as the technology develops. Under this process, the body of the deceased is soaked in a substance in order to prevent the formation of ice. It is then maintained at a temperature where the decomposition of the body stops.

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