Woman Accused of Attempt to Set Lingerie Store on Fire

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This woman reportedly has a novel approach towards taking revenge on his ex-boyfriend.

Police in Southern California claim that a bad break-up reportedly drove a local woman to stir up some trouble at a lingerie store. 42-year-old, Jennifer Renee Colwell allegedly attempted to set fire to a Dana Point lingerie shop, using gifts that were purchased from the store and given to her by an ex-boyfriend.

A police official stated “She was apparently distraught over a failed relationship. Luckily the deputy was right there because the flames hit six feet high”. Firemen stopped the flames before they spread further. Colwell was arrested and charged with felony arson of property.

She’s not the only former partner to behave a little odd. Earlier this year, a man in New Zealand created an elaborate hiding area in his ex-girlfriend's home so he could keep tabs on her. He resided in a cavity under a flight of stairs and stocked it with clothes, food, torches - and an arsenal of weapons. He was discovered and subsequently arrested after jumping out with a garden spade when he saw another man visiting.