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    Hall Of Jars

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    Video for the single 'Hall Of Jars' from the album 'Hit The Killswitch' released on electrocuted Wilma tunes 2012
    Rock'n'Roll is back on the map with the new album by Paul Hayworth. 'Hit The Killswitch' not only tickles your fancy it's a complete work of art, a journey album from the solo collection of the English New Wave Indie / Prog Rock arist.

    Sounding very genuine yet unique, it resembles classics from the British mod scene like 'The Kinks,''The Who' or 'The Rolling Stones,'or even underground alternative legends 'The Boo Radleys' or 'Grandaddy' with ultimate rare guitar grooves and out of this world licks.

    As the music develops, 80's and 90's alternative influences become more apparent using the best of classic synths and 'Jangle Pop' melodies to bring the collection to it's penultimate end, whilst retaining it's real Indie roots.

    Do you dare turn it off?
    'Hit The Killswitch'

    Video Team: Lazy Generation Studio & Kleeblatt Theatre