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    FC3 Plus Hardware Review


    by ClassicL337


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    Buggy Thymer
    Should test the 'problem' games on NES like Laser Invasion and Castlevania. The SNES had Mario RPG (which works on most FC3+ AFAIK). Genesis had... Yeah, S3&K was a good test but can it save? That's actually some of the most important ones. Another thing I'd like to see is the circuit boards, but that's more for the technical reviewers like Game Tech or Kevtris. Thanks for sharing this video! :)

    I have to admit that I was cringing when blowing instead of using cheap cotton swabs and making the system dirty. That'll definitely kill your system prematurely! :( Good news is that you can just clean the cartridge slots the same way as the games.
    By Buggy ThymerSeptember