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    Food for Thought by Devin Knight - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    The performer shows a menu card from a restaurant listing various foods. Anyone is invited to come forth and secretly write the name of any food from the menu on a blank index card and drop it face down on a plate.
    NO FORCES OR RESTRICTIONS. The performer says the special of the day at the restaurant is two for the price of one. To get the special the performer has to order the same item. Performer than secretly writes down his choice from the menu on another index card and drops it on another plate. Once this has been done the performer and participant exchange plates and both show the audience the name of the food written on the index cards. Amazingly the performer and participant both chose the same food As a final Kicker the performer shows that he PREDICTED the food the participant would choose.
    No carbons used or secret impression devices of any kind. The person is only give one stiff card to write on. Baffling beyond words. This effect fooled almost everyone who saw it at Devins Lecture.
    Complete with menu card and the needed gimmick. Comes with full directions and bonus effect where the performer shows he predicted the food that would be chosen.
    Here are what the pros are saying after seeing this
    FOOD FOR THOUGHT will not only give you nourishing FOOD FOR THOUGHT it will FOOL you-as it did me It epitomizes the Kismif principle Keep it simple make it fun.
    - Jon Racherbaumer
    One of the effects I greatly enjoyed at the Las Vegas Mindvention was Devin Knights FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Clever stuff. Good entertainment.
    - Larry Becker