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    Devious Volume 1 by Michael Close and LandL Publishing (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    It has been a dozen years since Michael Close has released any material on DVD. His last collection - The Ultimate Workers - was lauded for both its quality of material and its thoroughness of instruction. These were the routines that defined the word worker.
    Well Michael is back and his goal remains the same to entertain and profoundly fool everyone he performs for whether they are laymen or magicians. Youll laugh youll be amazed and when you find out how these routines work youll say Man that guy is devious.
    For the past decade Michael has been living and working in Las Vegas a town where a deck of cards is a commonplace object. On this two-disc DVD set Michael focuses on card magic with routines suitable for formal settings strolling casual performances and those special times when you want to crush the brains of your magic buddies. As before Michaels explanations take you far beyond the how of each trick into discussions of the why of each routine. A large amount of supplemental information is also imparted.
    So sit back relax and get ready to have a great time. Getting fooled was never so much fun.
    VOLUME 1
    Set 1 (From the Houdini Lounge)
    The Trick Lance Burton Showed Me - A great version of the six-card repeat that demonstrates what happens when you never stop thinking about a trick.
    A Presentation for the Plants Magnetized Cards - A hilarious presentation for one of the great close-up/parlor routines.
    The Luckiest Cards in Las Vegas - One of Michaels favorite routines and one of the most baffling. This is a true reputation maker.
    Set 2 (Some Closely Guarded Secrets)
    The Dumbest Casino in the World - A logical and deceptive version of The Chicago Opener with a presentation and method that youve never seen before.
    The Shuffles Routine - One of the workhorses of Michaels repertoire and a routine he has used for more than forty years. Full of laughs and subtle touches.