Mike Overson L109A & B= the magic of patriotism, Call Me Maybe and music with rated R scenes.

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THE END OF MY CLASSES and BLOG is best explained @ vimeo.com/50116128. This L109 has more links at https://vimeo.com/49352072.

Class L109A & B was made from L104, except I cut out the detour stories and added relevant stories to better show the magic of patriotism, (@ 1 to 50 minutes). It’s my best review and summary of USA patriotic history at Trenton to Camden New Jersey and Phildelphia, then to Brooklyn Heights, Saratoga, Yorktown and over to Pearl Harbor.
First I show how God tricked me into doing a patriotic detour, (and again @ 59 min), when talking about the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders version of the song Call Me Maybe, I finally get back to Call Me Maybe @ 51 to 58 min. Scenes of the movie New York, New York are @ 1:08 to 1:15.
At 1:14 to 1:20 is the songs Don’t Be That way by Glenn Miller and Reminiscing by The Little River band synced to rated R pictures at the beach and of porn stars. The last 15 minutes not from L104, it’s all new info, this is what I wrote about it at L116 here at Vimeo: at 1:21 to 1:31 hours in L109 I explain a triple play against three Euro-chics in porn that was just like the triple play that made me the Lion king in July 1994, (=rq 900 on 10-7-12 as a sign that my Rhythm Nation drive for six months in 1994 was a “let her cry” triple play on the east coast corruption that couldn’t kill me). After the triple plays I explain the 911 disaster as a red California or the west coast verses the stuck up east coast. That was my most bold explanation of it so far when I finally had the guts to be honest about this problem. The first time I talked about it is on the first hour of class 195, after 30 years of noticing there was a slight problem between the east and west coasts in class 195 was the first time I ever tried to explain it, (at 1:46 I explain the signs of California Happy Days gone to wasTE). The reason I mention it here is to confirm the divine signs in this class (L116) of God correcting that problem on the east coast with the 911 disaster. Like I said to Steve Tyler of Aerosmith who is parallel the east coast in class L116, “sorry partner but I got a sign that I wasn’t being ‘too mean’ to you”.
In the last seven minutes of L109 (@ 1:30) I show the signs to me from God in three pornos about when I lived in San Diego in 1986.

This is a list of my patriotic classes (is best explained @ vimeo.com/50116128). Class L109 is 1:37 hours. I condensed L109 into the 15 minute patriot class L112. Class 171 is a 13 minute lesson of how America needs to get the magic of patriotism back. Class 161 is about the movie The Pentagon Wars. Class L97 shows the difference in human rights and freedom in the USA verses in Europe. With ALL of these lessons you can completely miss the point and a lot of divine and/ or patriotic magic if you are not tolerant of a teacher and prophet (and “the one”) who is a disabled mess on welfare that just recently learned to use a computer.