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    Empower Network - Meet two leaders that want YOU to get to the top - David Wood and David Sharpe

    Mark Heinemann

    by Mark Heinemann


    Empower Network's leadership team is a grass roots group of entrepreneurs that went from broke, homeless and hopeless impacting lives around the world through the power of marketing influence and dream no would could steal.

    We operate on a unique level of principals. Honesty. Transparency. And a BIG dream.

    Meet the corporate leadership and visionary team:

    David Wood | Co-Founder and CEO

    From living a blue 1996 Dodge Caravan on the north shore of Ohau, Hawaii having a $25,000 week his third month in business, David Wood has never looked back from the minute he made a decision to impact the world. His transparent, 'strait forward' personality has resonated with people all around the world looking for a message of clarity, honesty and hope. He has become the #1 producer in almost every business he built, and has gone on to impact and influence lives all over the world. Everyday, he strives towards seeing his vision manifest in the form of Empower Network's members experiencing breakthrough business success.

    David Sharpe | Co-Founder and President

    David comes from a background of struggle and hardship. From homelessness, addiction and personal defeat ...he rose from the ashes to change his life, change the way he viewed the world ...and change the way the world viewed him. Before marketing, David was a broke construction worker swinging a hammer in the hot Florida sun. Within 18 months he went from living paycheck to paycheck to earning more money than ever, traveling the world and living the life of his dreams. Today, his sole business focus is how he can help Empower Network members experience the same personal and financial breakthrough he had a short time ago.

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