Bert Lown & His Orchestra - I Wish I Had Wings


by kspm0220s

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Violinist Bert Lown led a series of jazz-oriented dance band sides during 1929-33. As a violinist Lown worked for a time in the 1920's as a sideman, including in 1925 with cornetist Fred Hamm's band. He collaborated with Hamm, Chauncy Gray and Dave Bennett on "Bye Bye Blues" which they first recorded on May 1, 1925. In 1929 Lown began his series of recordings and among his sidemen along the way were (at various times) trombonist Miff Mole, drummer Stan King and (most importantly) bass saxophonist Adrian Rollini (who was succeeded by Spencer Clark in 1931). During 1930-31, Lown's band was employed regularly at the Biltmore Hotel in New York, frequently broadcasting on the radio. During this period Lown also composed "You're The One I Care For" and "Tired." His orchestra only recorded two sessions apiece in 1932 and 1933 and by the mid-30's Lown was no longer leading a band, instead booking and managing orchestras before dropping out of music altogether. In later years, Bert Lown held executive positions and was involved in CBS-TV from 1951 until his death in 1962. This great rendition was recorded in 1932. Lovely vocal by Elmer Feldkamp.


Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment, B; count me in for that excursion, I'd love to as well!
By kspm0220s 3 years ago
Jack, management let me know they are being urged to add new features many viewers insist on (I wonder who and what features???). Therefore they had to sacrify the inbox and they will gradually adapt the rest of the functions. Oh well :-( With all this turmoil, one would forget the music... I'm delighted you loved this tune, Jack!
By kspm0220s 3 years ago
Ginny, thank you and I'm with you this rendition is exception, especially the vocal in this particularly sweet song :-)
By kspm0220s 3 years ago
Thank you Genia and I understand your feeling of resignation about the DM changes; however I trust the inconvenience will only be temporary. I agree this tender song's vocal is so lovely! Elmer rules is the star of this performance, although the orchestration is great too.
By kspm0220s 3 years ago
Wish I had wings too~I'd fly back to the 1920s even if for just one night. Another great find.
By Somerset45 3 years ago
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