Junior Dos Santos vs Cain velasquez

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- Stefan Struve wants Fabricio Werdum next is this a great matchup for both at this point in time?
- Whose guard would be more dangerous Werdum's world famous, or the long legs of Struve?
- White upset after Mitrione turns down Cormier fight bc he wants fight with Rampage Jackson, wouldn't a fight with Cormier arguably be bigger and better for his career at this point than a fight w Jackson?
- Mitrione says that he doesn't feel Cormier is a good fight for him after such a long layoff he wouldn't have been good for him is he right, should he get a pass?
- apparently they have a beef after an interview, apparently Rampage is willing to bet his last purse that he'll beat Mitrione.
- Wouldn't that mean Rampage would be at HW then? Mitrione can't make 205 can he?
- If at HW that would likely mean an out of shape Rampage whos walking around 230, have you seen him in interviews when he's not fighting?
- Some people keep throwing Pat Barry's name out there to fight Daniel Cormier's that a step up or down considering his top 10 status?
- Dana White like the idea about Cormier vs Jones at 205 how do you feel about that?
- What do you think of Cormiers desire to Move to 205 should his teammate Cain Velasquez win the title?
- Will Cain Velasquez pull it off?
- Can you remember the significance of a single fight deciding the fate of 2 divisions like this?
- Do you think MMA is becoming too much of a team sport?
Is dana white the greatest promoter of all time?
Have they done things in MMA that boxing never did in its heyday?
- Covered all the fighters medically in organization (Boxing never did that)
- How many sanctioning bodies does boxing have and how much corruption has been linked to the WBC alone?
- made millionaires at a faster rate than boxing ever did
- Help fighters with sponsors
- gives us all the fights we want to see