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    CHEVACHl: Planet X Collection - AREA51 (MV)

    Jung Le

    by Jung Le

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    Brand New Military Watch with a Cosmos Concept
    Following the launch of the (PLANET X - NIBIRU) wristwatch, CHEVACHl will launch in that same series a completely new AREA51 wrist watch in late 2012. Besides having design concepts inherited from the tenth stellar of the mysterious cosmos legends, it innovatively inserts a highly controversial military control zone area's design blueprint. With its groundbreaking inspiration, stylish color matching, and functionality of the Japanese Seiko movement engine, AREA51 is the first branded stylish military wristwatch.
    Both Functionality and Color Trend
    The CHEVACHl brand of stylish products has always stressed human proportion as well as a sense of depth, shaped by black and white color tone. First, it uses the unisex 44MM watchcase. Second, it has meticulously designed three more neutral trendy colors; its rich gradation of single-color tone combination allow wearers to match their clothing and easily creating a simple sense of fashion.
    The soul behind exterior design and concept often requires matching high-precision technology. With AREA51, CHEVACHl uses a Japanese-made Seiko calendar and week movement engine with a brand-new design which includes a T-shaped date window and a neat and elegant array of figures on the dial plate, clearly displaying the time, date and day of the week. Regardless of the exterior design or time functionality, the wearer will feel the brilliant design of this wristwatch.
    - Date/ Day display functionality
    - 44MM watchcase size (unisex)
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