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    UFC on FX Recap on ESPN Radio


    by pmlbmedia

    - Are you a fan of a Friday Card?
    - What did you think of the quality of the card, did it live up to expectations?
    - Tons of people had Travis Browne isnt that crazy?
    - Who did you have in the Main event be honest?
    - Was it a good matchup for both going into the night?
    - Lots of good fighters on the card did you feel going into it like Jay Heiron or Josh Neer could afford a loss?
    - What fight Surprised or impressed you the most lastnight?
    - Are there any logical matchups that stick out in your mind after seeing this card?
    - WWE mocks the lack of TUF ratings on their Smackdown show how is it they did 3X the amount?
    - TUF tanks again last week in the ratings, is the concept old or is it Friday?
    - Do you think most of the 18-35 demo is at a club or a bar Fridays and may not catch first show?
    - Wouldn't it be better to be on Tues or something like it when most people have to slave for a living and generally stay in?