Square by Patrick G. Redford (Book) - Magic Trick

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Available from http://www.world-of-magic.co.uk
Powerful Impromptu Mentalism with a deck of cards
As part of a 5 comic book series Square (preceded By Triangle amp Heptagon) is a comic devoted to mental feats with a deck of cards. As usual all of the material is 100 impromptu.
Imagine being able to appear to clock a deck in less than 30 seconds (with little real effort) and give your subjects the power to do the same. Imagine a 10 card poker deal routine that allows the subject to choose both his hand and your hand from face-up cards and still lose. Imagine being able to sense the instant someone thinks stop. Imagine an ESP card match routine that requires almost no sleights or one-ahead techniques. Stop imagining and pick up Square now.
Artist Jesse Rubenfelds signs back on for this third installment of the shape series and his artwork is unmatched. Join Patrick G. Redford at the Paper Moon Saloon in the old west for an adventure thats impossible to forget.
I have always stated that there is a place in mentalism for playing cards. The methodology of any card trick presented as a real mental skill or gambling must be well hidden or there are huge consequences at stake. It cant look like a trick it must look real Patrick has provided you with just such effects. The methods are well hidden and the impact each have are powerful. All you need is guts a deck of cards and a willing audience. - Banachek
Killer material even for those who dont usually use cards. - Marc Salem
The subject freely picks his own cards face-up and still loses Thats unreal Youve got me hooked. - Leo Boudrou
Heres a sneak peek at the 4 effects inside
Card Counter Under the fairest possible conditions the performer is able to tell the subject what card hes thinking of after quickly looking through the deck of cards once at rapid speed. After proving to be correct the subject is then given the power to duplicate this difficult feet with uncanny results.