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    Hampton Falls (DVD and Cards) by Tony Chris - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    A Macabre Mentalism/Bizarre Masterpiece
    On June 18 1969 in Hampton Falls Massachusetts eight high school students spent one terrifying night in an abandoned and purportedly haunted insane asylum. Not all of them survived...
    Tony Chris tells their story through his captivating macabre mental masterpiece as eight photos of the students are displayed. A spectator is asked to separate the photos into two groups. This is done in the fairest possible manner. The spectator has a 100 FREE CHOICE of each photo and to which group to place it in. Each choice is absolutely made by the spectator without any conditions whatsoever It is that clean. Once this has been done the photos are turned over to reveal that the spectator has successfully separated the students who died that night from those who lived through the nightmare of the Hampton Falls haunting.
    INCLUDES the custom printed cards for Hampton Falls a printed sheet with Tonys word for word dramatic complete patter line for you to learn and an instructional DVD. Also includes access to the UNIVERSAL TEMPLATE information that allows you to customize the cards for any language in the world.
    No Forcing - No Equivoque - No Multiple Outs
    Packs Super flat and plays huge
    Not The O.O.T.W. Principle
    No rough and smooth
    Only 8 cards are used
    Spectator has a 100 FREE CHOICE of which group to place the cards in
    Instant Reset
    Easy To Do
    INCLUDES Tonys bonus routine ONE SOUL
    POWERFUL Magic that is perfect for the bizarrist and Mentalist.