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    Pure Telepathy by Pascal de Claremont and La Clef des Mircales (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    Pure telepathy is brought to you by World Class Highly paid Mentalist Pascal de Clermont. He has performed at corporates tv and private parties for over 20 years and for the first time agreed to explain some of his material that he made a living of.
    Pure Telepathy
    Find a card or a word simply by touching the spectators hands. This is the first time that this technique (The de Clermont move) is described. Pascal has made a living on that effect. This is just outstanding. Nothing will be as close as real telepathy than that.
    Find any hidden object in a room. Your participant stays silent and guides you with their mind. This is a complete course on Hellstromism also known as Cumberlandism. Pascal teaches you all the basics along with all the extra tips that 20 years of practise and experience can bring.
    Nose Knows
    A spectator hides an object in his hand. You will find in which hand the object is hidden each time many times in a row. Priorly set to be part of Mental XL it would have been deleted but it turns out to be a great addition to this DVD
    Running Time Approximately 54mins