Magic and Mentalism of Barrie Richardson No.2 - LandL (DVD) - Magic Trick

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Choices Have Consequences - A Bank Night effect with meaning three envelopes are presented to two spectators yet the performer is left with the big prize. Nevertheless the performer is also forced to learn that choices do indeed have consequences. No gimmicks no forces - just a fun routine that can be performed anywhere.
Second Spot - Barries version of Fogels classic psychometry routine is performed in the context of the amazing story of the Uruguayan athletes who survived a plane crash in the Andes Mountains. The owners of five borrowed objects are successfully divined with plenty of laughter fun and mystery.
Mesmers Pencil - A demonstration of animal magnetism. A pencil resting on the performers hand rises as a female audience member draws near. She then discovers after the performer suggests that the pencil is now very heavy that she cannot lift it. After she changes the image in her mind the pencil becomes light again and it is given to her as a souvenir. This routine has been used by some of the most distinguished mentalists in the world.
Dollar Divination - The performer demonstrates his ability to determine six of the serial numbers from any borrowed bill with only his fingertips. He then has one spectator mentally transmit the last two digits to another with total accuracy. Versatile for close-up or stage.
Angels Flight - Even though the performer is at quite some distance he reveals the playing cards the audience members are thinking of. Finally the entire audience using their collective imagination divines the number of cards that were previously hidden away. A wonderful mystery wrapped in a true story that also utilizes a totally novel - and very deceptive - deck switch
Thoughts with Wings - A newspaper section is torn into small pieces by a spectator who then selects a single piece. She is then asked to mentally select a single word from the pa