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    Floating Kung Fu Cap FKFC (Beer Bottle Cap)by Peter Morse and Magic Apple - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    The Magic Apple Presents
    FKFC by Peter Morse
    The ultimate floating bottle cap with a KILLER Karate Finish
    Imagine taking a bottle cap making it float it in the air stabbing your finger through the cap while its still in midair and ending completely clean. Imagine no more because the Magic Apples FKFC is here to stay Perform this with or without a jacket Comes complete with caps and ALL the materials needed to perform It can be performed surrounded
    Over 4 different methods Easy to do No Sleight of Hand Includes methods which range from advanced to no sleight of hand.
    Can be done with or without a jacket and can even be done naked (Although we dont recommend the last part.)
    This is situational magic at its finest.