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    Who Packed A Punch In The First US Presidential Debate?


    by NTDTelevision

    Americans tuned in to the first presidential debate on Wednesday night, as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney went head to head.

    At a bar in Washington, revellers gathered for a debate party.

    Some even partook in a game of bingo, marking off scorecards where popular talking points were mentioned.

    [Kelly Archung]:
    "I wasn't actually planning on hearing anything from Mitt Romney that was actually articulated as far as policies are concerned because I think in his track record he just lacks in that but I think tonight, like, he actually stepped up his game a little bit but not enough of what he needed to do."

    It was a more sober affair at this New York college, where viewers found both candidates impressive.

    But as to who came out on top, the reaction was mixed.

    [Michael Senders, Student]:
    "I was very impressed by Governor Romney's performance, specifically because although it might be criticized by many people I liked his aggressive approach and how he attacked a lot of the ideas and a lot of the topics that were to be discussed."

    [Camille O'Brien, Student]:
    "President Obama, he did - he is always a great speaker, I think he could have done better tonight honestly. I am a fan of him, I like a lot of his policies, he seemed nervous for some reason and almost let some questions threw him off, and Mitt Romney seemed to throw him off as well."

    It was a similar scene at this Los Angeles party, where Romney's performance seem to catch some by surprise.

    [Chuck Floriss, Los Angeles Resident]:
    "I thought they both had a lot of good things to say. I thought that Romney would falter more than he did. I thought it was pretty even."

    [Matt Lazarus, Los Angeles Resident]:
    "I thought Romney did quite well. I think Obama though hammered him on the lack of specifics."

    There are two more debates to go before America goes to the polls on November 6th.

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