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    Opening Ancient Graves To Hunt For The Real Mona Lisa


    by NTDTelevision

    The hunt continues to find the real Mona Lisa.

    Researchers are opening ancient graves to search for the body of the woman who modeled for Leonardo Da Vinci.

    Art historians say she is Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a rich silk merchant in 16th century Florence.

    But there is no definitive proof.

    [Silvano Vinceti, Historic and Cultural Heritage, Head]:
    "If everything goes as planned, we will find Gherardini and with her skull we will be able to reconstruct her face thanks to some sophisticated technology. After that we will be able to compare the face to that of Mona Lisa and maybe for the first time will get an answer which will be based on highly sophisticated technology which does not make errors."

    The graves are located in an old convent near Florence.

    Researchers say this is where Gheradini was buried.

    [Irene Baldi, Anthropologist]:
    "The first phase of the work consists of opening up the remains as much as possible. Then we need to collect information about the manner of burial. Whether the bodies were moved here from another place or buried in a container, if there was a coffin or not, or a cushion under the head, this is the information that we are searching for."

    No time scale has been set, and the project is ongoing.

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